Monday, 1 April 2013

Three Tamil Writers in the web

“Tamil Penchant to see a Trinity in each generation (musical) implied an attitude of veneration, which, considering the caliber of those constituting the triple Trinities was fully deserved. On the other hand, it could also suggest a collective inclination to set high standards against which to measure a generations’ artistic worth.” – TJS George in MS: A Life in Music

Tamil society loves to have stars in every aspects of life. Some are grudgingly compared to the 'stars' in their field and look diminished;whereas others happily coalesce to the star power.
In Tamil Literary world three such stars are: Charu Nivedita, Jeyamohan and S.Ramakrishnan. Even after the arrival of next generation writers, this trinity has not lost its star status. Selecting these three for writing about has two reasons. One this Trinity contributes extensively in web world, two the strength of reading their most works.

Charu Nivedita:
Charu started writing in Web around 2000, out of the trinity he has the largest readers (fans I should say).  He first wrote in which was a startup by Vikatan Publications which publishes various popular magazines. Since it was free website and also had the brand name Vikatan Charu was able to reach a lot of foreign Tamil readers especially Sri Lankan Tamils. These readers still are the major fund raisers for Charu. “Konal Pakkangal” was the name of the column which serialized and then was published as a book. In that he discussed on the Literature, Music, Cinema, Gossips and lot of others. It catered to the online readers because of the following reasons:
  1. Insightful parody on the current political and social events happening in India, Tamil Nadu in particular.
  2. Charu Nivedita
  3. Introducing Erotic literary texts and writers like Marquis de Sade etc.,
Having said this, it might sound a single dimensional reading. It also contained essays on “Billie Holiday” and Latin American Music which were unique. Charu’s novels like “Rasa Leela”, “Kamaroopa Kathaigal” were serialized in his blog (\blog) then published as books.
Today even after his controversial support to Nithyananda and allegations of sex messages to a female writer, Charu has an inspiring presence in the online world.

Jeyamohan also started writing in the Web around 2000. Looking back now, we could say that the articles around were focused broadly on these two themes. One the articles were written to take part in online debate and put forth his arguments. By doing that he countered the incorrect reading of his works and false propaganda about his personality. Two essays written to introduce the books he read and critical analysis on the works of eminent Tamil Writers. He wrote them in till 2007. From that year on he writes almost an article  a day in his own blog
The specialty of the Jeyamohan is that he hasn’t fallen prey to the cult of writing in a different language for the Web.  Because of that some of his essays may be more than 10 pages and short stories extending 5 pagees in our computer screen. His blog contains essays under different genres including political criticisms, travelogues, introducing different personalities etc. He shares his experiences, views on life and engages constantly with the readers. 
 His novels “Anal Kattru”, “Iravu”,” Maththagam” and short story series under the title “Aram” were serialized online and then went on to get published. Now looking back Jeyamohan has utilized this online medium to a near perfection.

 S.Ramakrishnan is relatively a late comer to online media. He writes mostly on his choices and preferences in movies, music and foreign personalities. His blog is and essays on foreign movies, books are very thought provoking.  S.Ramakrishnan language in itself is simple and easy to engage. His wish list of 100 important books in Tamil and 100 movies to be seen are very important for starters.
I consider this essay to be starting point to know and access these three writers and going over to the website will open new avenues for a literary reader.